Dumpster Rental Services

Rhino Dumpsters offers outstanding commitment and promise in providing environmental solutions while getting the job done. Our team of professionals provides a fully integrated range of dumpster rental services within the solid waste industry, including collection, transfer, disposal, and recycling for businesses, and residents. From our customer service staff to our dedicated drivers, our goal is to ensure that you have the most efficient, economical, and environmentally dumpster rental services for your waste needs.

Commercial and Residential Delivery

We offer professional commercial and residential delivery. Have access to dumpsters that can assist with special events, new construction, and organized projects. These popular hook-lift containers are top quality in the industry and delivery is timely within 24 hours at a flat fee. Residential dumpster rental services extend through individual homeowner, homeowners’ association, municipality or an apartment building owner, Rhino Dumpsters has an environmentally accountable and low-cost waste solution for you.

Customer Ready Pick Up and Removal

Customer satisfaction is top priority for dumpster retrieval. Our within 24 hr dumpster rental service pick-up is on time and for your convenience. Let our fast pick-up service dispose of debris and help you with any extra removal. We know the aftermath of scattered debris can be unattractive and messy. Our clean-up removal goes the extra mile to make sure your driveway is swept and cleaned to ensure that no mess is left behind.


Let us worry about recycling. We all contribute to this endless cycle of waste material, but we help eliminate littering while managing area drop off. Throughout experience, landfills have acknowledged the importance of keeping cardboard out of the landfill and the relevance in recycling. We collaborate with partners in standard recycling and proper disposal. Our top recycling concerns and qualified areas include:

  • Cardboard Recycling
  • Bottle Recycling
  • Paper Recycling

Have questions about what you can and cannot recycle?


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Choose Rhino?

    We pride ourselves on service. We have the know how to get your project going with as little stress on you as possible. Our customer service staff is available to answer any question you may have.

    The best prices in New Jersey!!  No hidden costs or extra fees. We service 100% of New Jersey”

    • Delivery and pick up when YOU want it*
    • Best Dumpster Selection
    • No hidden prices or fees

    *Call to have your dumpster picked up! Average reservation length is 10 days. There is a $10 per day fee charged for every day over your reservation that you keep the dumpster!

    What size dumpster do I need?

    The right dumpster size for your project depends on the type and amount of debris you’re throwing away. Having the right sized dumpster for your project is crucial if you want to avoid 'wasted trip' fees for over-filling your dumpster!

    Call us up and describe your project, and our customer service team can help you choose the best dumpster for the job.

    Please call 732.322.5327 or email to for a quote.

    Getting Dumpster Rental Price Quotes

    The cost of a dumpster is made up of several factors: the size of the dumpster, the weight of the debris, the length of the rental period and local taxes and fees. This means that the exact price of a dumpster varies according to location and the specifics of your order.

    No matter where you’re located or how much you’re disposing of, we offer simple flat-rate pricing on all of our dumpster sizes, so you’ll always know the full price up front.

    Find pricing for your area on our Pricing page. For a free quote, call 732.322.5327

    When your dumpster rental arrives? (Check out this video!)

    The best way to manage a dumpster rental is in first ensuring that you’ve chosen the right dumpster rental company to partner with. From there, you want to identify and prepare the location on which the dumpster is expected to sit. Consider where you want to put your rental carefully. The wrong position can be a huge inconvenience to you or even your neighbors. Ensure the driver can easily access the location and ensure you don’t need to get any special permits to host it, such as if you intend to have it on the street.

    Additionally, be sure you know how much to fill your dumpster and that you're ready for your dumpster to be picked up when scheduled!! An overfull dumpster, generally more than 75% full, or a dumpster not ready to be picked up as scheduled will result in a wasted trip fee of $175! If you have more tonnage than what your dumpster can carry in one load, extra tonnage will be $125+ per ton (price may vary)! Click the link for more info!

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